Our vehicles

How do we get around? With the money Chad got for selling his Honda Fit we purchased a pickup truck and a scooter. The truck is a 4 door 2008 Ford Ranger (a rebadged mazda bt50) 2.5 liter turbo diesel with an automatic transmission. It had about 61,000  miles on it at the time we purchased. We added a high canopy (shell), 2 benches, AC for the back, a backup camera, and window film (tinting) on all windows. It gets better than 30mpg and with the exchange rate diesel costs $2.70 a gallon here. The kids love riding in the back, Indy especially and the extra seating is awesome for service. We can squeeze in 11 people total(8 or 9 comfortably).   The bike is a 2014 Yamaha Nuovo SX. It has 125cc’s of raw scooting power. Water cooled, 2 rear shocks, front disc and rear drum brake. It was about 18months old and had about 3000 miles on when we purchased. It gets about 70 mpg and can fit 1-2 people comfortably (or 4 people very uncomfortably).  ... read more

What the what?

Sorry everyone. Chad has been hurting quite a bit this last couple of weeks and it has been tough to sit and type. The image above shows off the lovely curve of Chad’s spine (scoliosis) which was not responsible for the problems. It started with his typical back spasming because he bent wrong or something but it didn’t ease over the next few days and go away as it usually does. This went on for over two weeks and was affecting everyones sleep and what activities we could do. It came to a head last night when pain started shooting down his right leg. It was painful when standing but excruciating when sitting or lying down so he paced the house all night. Heat, cold, stretching and ibuprofen did nothing so today he went to the best hospital in town and spent 5 hours with an orthopedist, xray techs, back to the orthopedist, waiting, MRI tech, waiting, orthopedist, physical therapist, and finally pharmacist. The upside is that 2 x-rays, an MRI, a session of pelvic traction, several medications, and 3 consultations with an orthopedic doctor cost a total of about $375, the downside is that Chad has a herniated disc between the L4 and L5 vertebrae that is compressing the nerve root on the right side. The MRI looked very similar to this: For the next week he will be taking very strong anti-inflamitories and doing some physical therapy. Even if that works for now the doctor is pretty sure he will need surgery at some point… so… not cool.   Other news – We’ve had a couple different... read more

The kids new school

Rei and Indy are now attending a little school a couple of days a week. There are three teachers who split the kids based on age group. On the days our kids attend there is a total of 22 kids. It’s very international with children from Australia, Italy, Thailand, China, and the UK. Subjects include: Mathematics, Science, English, Dance, and Animal Husbandry with a focus on domesticated fowl. NOTE: That picture of the bamboo structure is their jungle... read more

Our new place

We finally found a place and are in as of last Monday. We got a 3 bed 2 path place in a newer gated community. We are about 2 miles from the hall which takes us 5-7 minutes by car. Our rent is about $500 and includes the garbage pickup, the security guards, and use of the community pool and gym. We got a package that includes 30mbps internet, a cell phone plan, and a bunch of tv channels (3 or 4 in english) for a total of about $25.   Here’s some pictures and a video:... read more

Why no updates?

Hi Everyone, Sorry, for the lack of posts and pictures. We moved into our new house a few days ago and we don’t have internet hooked up yet. We promise to get some new stuff up as soon as we can connect. read more

Chiang Mai Special Convention

  We had an amazing time at the special convention.  We got to meet many delegates from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Europe, the US. Friday the attendance was 7,925. On Saturday 147 were baptized (101 of those were sisters), the youngest 10 oldest 72. Some baptized were from the hilltribes as well as a few from Laos where the work is banned. Sunday attendance was 8,431. We got to hear a few talks from brother Lett, including the highlight of the convention, the release of the New World Translation in Thai. Mel heard from another sister that until now they have only had the NWT greek scriptures, and that was written in Royal Thai, so this new translation is the entire bible in common Thai, much more understandable for everyone. The entire convention was a great experience showered with welcomes, hugs, greetings, and gifts from many.  Even days before before and after the convention throughout the city we would see or run into the delegates wearing the special convention lanyards. We were blanketing the... read more

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