Why no updates?

Hi Everyone, Sorry, for the lack of posts and pictures. We moved into our new house a few days ago and we don’t have internet hooked up yet. We promise to get some new stuff up as soon as we can connect. read more

Pictures and video

Updated the latest pictures and videos below to show our outing at the cat themed cafe and a video as we walked out of the convention on the last day. read more

Sunday November 1st

We ran some errands and made some phone calls, but the meeting was the highlight. We chatted with the visiting speaker and his wife before the meeting. He is from England and she from the Cook Islands, they met in New Zealand (I think she was living there and he was visiting a friend?) They spent over a year in an English group and are now serving in the Krabi Thai congregation. His talk was amazing, super enthusiastic and dynamic. Delegates had begun arriving at this point along with witnesses from throughout Thailand. This led to standing room only and a crowd on the front steps. Chad stood in the back next to a young Swedish brother currently in the Hua Hin congregation. (Note for Dietrichs and Pratts: He’s from Stockholm so wasn’t invited to the rothenburg convention). The kids stayed awake through the whole meeting and Mel stayed upright on her scooter both ways, so an achievement all... read more


There wasn’t one here ­čśÇ Last Saturday we took the kids to “Catmosphere”, a cat themed cafe. In exchange for buying overpriced brownies you get to spend an hour on the floor with more than a dozen cats of various sizes and shapes.  We all had fun there and Mel didn’t seem to have any allergies from all the fur. We eventually made our way to the park where Melanie had her first massage. Approximately $4 for 1 hour. Chad and the kids rented a mat, sat in the grass, fed pigeons, and watched hippie kids juggle and practice slack line. After the massage Chad was able to get in on a pickup basketball ball game with some Thais and tourists While the kids played at the playground. Food at the hotel, some tv and then... read more


Our apologies on the lack of updates, Rei and Chad got food poisoning which took us pretty much out of action for a couple of days. As a reward for your patience here is a video from our Sunday meeting. There was 220 in attendance their highest ever (lots of delegates and visitors)... read more


This week has involved at least 1 or 2 tasks per day we need to accomplish. On Wednesday we all went and met an agent to look at a house in the “Palm Springs” project. It was a bit higher than our planned budget, but has a nice view of a rice field out the back and the whole place is nice and bright. We’ll call it a maybe for now. After that appointment we went back to the car dealer to test out loading the whole family in our potential cars and have some test drives. We put down a small deposit on the truck to hold it until we can get funds into the country. Back to the apartment for some food and got ready for meeting. We got there early enough this time to get seats together (great victory). Chad got to chat briefly with the coordinator before the meeting and we all chatted with a super nice couple in the Chinese group on our way out. They spent 7 years in mainland china starting from 0 language skills. They moved to Thailand to help out getting the Chinese work going and as a break. Thursday Chad and Reichen went to the US consulate to get a residency affidavit notarized (needed to purchase a vehicle) and then we all headed to check out the recommended school. It was pretty awesome. It’s setup in a large property in an all wood thai house. There are 3 teachers who each primarily handle certain age groups and teach certain subjects to all the kids. There are rooms setup for... read more

Our review of “The Little Prince”

It was really depressing!   On Monday the kids started homeschooling. Nothing too strenuous yet… Rei is working on memorizing the multiplication tables and read for an hour, Indy is doing flash cards to recognize the letters of the alphabet by sight and is doing practice letter writing. Chad rode over to a used car dealer he has been in contact with to check out a couple of vehicles. It’s run by a father and son. The dad Walter is European I think. The son Elijah was born and raised in Thailand but speaks with a really neutral accent (western Canada sort of). Elijah spent 4 years in Fullerton going to a Christian college. I did get to witness to him for a bit when he asked why we we’re moving to Chiang Mai. We’re checking out a pickup truck and a minivan. Our options are a bit limited because Chad was remiss in his duty of teaching Mel to drive a stick.┬áThe┬ánext step on getting a car is getting a bank account in Thailand so we can get a chunk of money transferred in. They also recommend getting a Thai drivers license to simplify insurance. Chad stopped by a different BigC on the way back and picked up a few more odds and ends. We all hung out for a bit then headed for dinner. We ate at an Indian place directly across from the hotel that Amy will be staying at. We got one vegetarian and one chicken dinner combo as well as one bhathura (fried puffy bread). Food was very good but a bit pricey for... read more

Weekend chores

On Saturday we were all awake in the wee hours of the morning and Mel and Chad spent the night trying to keep the kids quiet. We gave up around 7 am and took a walk. ATM, 7-11, and breakfast at a restaurant later and we were back. Chad then went out and rented a couple of scooters for the month. With our new transportation we headed to BigC for some groceries and other sundries. Finished up with a lemon fruit shake from the store lobby and headed back. Lunch was more curry and noodles from the restaurant downstairs and we all made it to about 6 before falling asleep again. Sunday morning was similar but the kids managed to sleep nearly til 4. We decided to explore a bit and get the kids a little exercise. First stop was the city park in the southwest corner of the old city and we then drove around the old city and the Nimman area for awhile looking for something interesting and lunch. We were unable to find an Indian place to eat and finally settled at a place down the street from our apartment. Rei and Chad split a fried snapper, Indy had an egg and rice, and Mel had stir fried basil pork and peppers. We rested a bit before heading to our first meeting. The hall was packed. We learned from chatting that the back school is now filled every meeting with a Chinese group and the front is now getting filled with the 45+ publishers that have moved in over the last few months. No when is... read more

A few more details (warning-not interesting)

The grandmas dropped us at SFO around 4:15. After the tearful goodbyes we were able to do curbside checkin of our luggage and headed in. Security was thankfully pretty lite and we got to go through the metal detector instead of the scanner (I think Indy charmed the TSA). Kids had pizza and parents split a very pricey club sandwich as we waited at the gate. Flight was fine, nothing of interest. Now the part Chad was dreading: Arriving in terminal 5 at LAX, getting our 13 bags and ourselves down to the international terminal 3 buildings away…. It turned out to be less painful than expected. We paid for 3 luggage carts loaded up and caravaned our way down the sidewalk for 15 minutes. We found our checkin counter without issue and being 4 hours early for the flight there was no line. Our Cathay attendant was super patient and even checked one of our carryons for free. We hit a 7-11 in the airport for water, slurpee, and snacks then through security round 2 and on to the gate. This was a long wait but we broke it up with cards and pinkberry. Finally started boarding about 11:20. Mel, Indy, and Rei were in 69 A,B,C with Chad just in front in 68 C. Seats were average but did have a nice touchscreen video system. The kids were so tired they both passed out not long after takeoff. Mel and Chad not so much. We each took turns napping for a few minutes in discomfort, eating, watching a movie, stretching, iPad games….. contemplating the nature of reality?The... read more