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Vacuum and conduction drying series

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  • Drying equipment series
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  • Granulation coating series
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  • Spray drying series
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  • conductive drying series
  • Flash drying series
  • Vacuum and conduction drying series
  • Drying oven and belt drying series
  • SZG Series Double Cone R…SZG Series Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer is a mixed, dried in one of the new dryer. The condenser, vacuum drying equipment, vacuum drying device composed.
  • YZG / FZG Series Vacuum …YZG / the FZG Series vacuum dryer will dry material is heated under vacuum, and vacuum pump air and humidity, so the studio in a vacuum, greatly accelerated the drying rate of the material, but also saves energy.
  • DZG sterile double cone …DZG sterile arm double cone rotary vacuum dryer used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries powder, granular and fibrous required low-temperature drying of materials (such as biological products, etc.), more suitable for oxidation, volatile , heat-sensitive, strong stimulation, toxic ...
  • GLZ series ribbon vacuum…GLZ series vacuum dryer ribbon body vertical stationary, internally heated ribbon in a circular motion to enhance the stirring, the material into the drying chamber utilizing a jacket and stirring ribbon of material contact with the heating, the material was ordered ribbon stir, flip, lift, ...
  • LZG series spiral vibrat…LZG series spiral vibration dryer is mainly used for drying pill of Chinese medicine, is also applicable to granular, short strip, dried spherical materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, building materials, feed and other industries.
  • KJG Series Hollow Blade …hollow paddle dryer is a kind of heat conduction mainly horizontal stirring type continuous drying equipment. Due to the shape of the stirring blade paddle, said paddle dryer, also known as foreign trough stirring dryer or dryer.
  • HG series rotary drum dr…HG series rotary drum dryer is a kind of inner heat conduction type of rotating continuous drying equipment. Rotatable drum through its lower chute, adhesion with a film thickness of the material, the heat through the pipeline to the drum wall, transmitted to the outer wall of the drum, and then transfer to the feed film ...
  • TG series drum scraper d…of TG series scraper drum dryer is a rotating inner heating conduction type drying apparatus, the wet material in the outer wall of the drum to obtain the heat conductively transferred, wet water removal to achieve the desired moisture content.
  • GXG series filter elutio…This equipment set filtration, beating, washing and drying operations in one, is the ideal equipment for medicine, pesticide, food, chemicals, dyes and other industrial sectors of solid-liquid separation.
  • GZG series tube bundle d…GZG tube bundle dryer is indirectly heated contact drying machine, can also be dried downstream countercurrent drying. It is currently the most widely used in most countries, the most advanced dryers.
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