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Granulation coating series

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  • FL Series Boiling granul…material powder particles in the material container (fluidized bed) was boiling in a fluidized state by the heated air is preheated and mixed after purification, the binder solution sprayed into the spray, so to contain some particles stick mixture pellets, since the hot air on the material ...
  • PGL-B Series Spray Dryin…Pharmaceutical Industry: tablets, granules, capsules, granules; sugar, sugar-free food medicine particles ※: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granule juice, spices, etc; ※ Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, paint, dyes and the like;
  • GSL Series High MixerThe machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure, reasonable structure, no dead ends, no metal stain, not fouling. Inflatable seal the drive shaft, cleaning can be switched to water. Fluidized bed granulation, into spherical particles, good liquidity.
  • YK series particle machi…This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage industry, solid granulated ....
  • YS fluidized bed bucket …This machine is designed to meet GMP specifications designed to enhance the discharge means. Applied and FL, PGL and other step granulator, GFG, FG fluid bed dryer and other facilities, in order to achieve clean equipment, unloading operation.
  • KZL series Speed ​​Gra…KZL Series High Speed Granulator is a new Whole equipment, it has small size, high efficiency, even whole grain, low noise, versatility and other advantages. Suitable for crushing whole grain and Western medicine, food, chemicals, pigments, feedstuff and so particles.
  • JZL type extrusion granu…This machine is suitable for making all kinds of particles of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed and other industries wet. Particles of this machine is made by the screw and the screen rigid extruded, therefore particle shape rules, close texture powder less hygroscopic difficult.
  • QZL series spherical pil…Through a specially designed rotor structure to make all kinds of wet granules processed into beautiful spherical particle , a capsule is prepared, the ideal equipment medicine pills ....
  • GZL dry roll granulatorGZL series of dry roll granulator is adopted for dry extrusion technology, the water content of <5% of the powdery material is compressed into a group, and then crushed, whole, screening process, clumps like material into compliance with the requirements of granular materials.
  • DLB-bottom spray fluidiz…bottom spray fluidized bed coater and is fluidized spray coating techniques combined with technology as one of the particles of powder coating equipment, bottom spray fluidized material having a regular 'ring' running track, thus to obtain a uniform, continuous film coating.
  • GHL high speed mixing gr…powder material and a binder in a cylindrical vessel from the bottom of the slurry was mixed thoroughly mixed into the moist soft material and then cut by the side of the high-speed smash paddle uniform wet granules ....
  • LBZ Series Centrifugal c…having played the mother `granulation, coating the three basic functions; for the manufacture of a sustained-release drug granulation, granulation enteric agents, pellets and the like;
  • DLB Series Multifunction…DLB Series Multifunction granulation coating machine is a spray-drying and fluidised bed granulation technique , spouted fluidized bed technology and rotary granulation technique combined with solid preparation as one of the new multi-function device ....
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